Become the best in the game

High Commissions Earner

Equip yourself with all the knowledge, tools, and strategies necessary to earn high commissions successfully

Pro digital marketer

Strengthen yourself with marketing know-how and strategies for several channels, applicable to any industry

Ultimate freedom

Enjoy the perks of a flexible lifestyle. Earn a passive and easy-to-grow income whenever and wherever
Step by Step

Within 10 days

You will acquire knowledge to be used for years.

Day 1 - Getting Started

  • Introduction to The Challenge
  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • Knowledge assessment

Day 2 - Laying The Foundation

  • Designing &building your own landing page
  • A deep dive into Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate compensation models

Day 3 - First Steps As An Affiliate

  • Signing up for an affiliate program
  • Finalizing the landing page

Day 4 - Building Your Online Identity

  • Preparing for Facebook &Instagram marketing
  • Creating valuable content for your audience
  • Analyzing the competition

Day 5 - An Email Marketer’s Guide

  • Designing your online content
  • Basics of e-mail marketing
  • Practical steps to e-mail marketing

Day 6 - Turning Your Knowledge Into Action

  • Facebook & Instagram ad basics
  • Step-by-step Facebook & Instagram ad creation
  • Tracking visitor behavior on your landing page

Day 7 - Exact Strategies

  • A deeper dive into Facebook marketing
  • Ad creative strategies
  • Affiliate marketing strategies

Day 8 - Tiktok Ads & Email Campaign

  • TikTok Marketing 101
  • Winning TikTok ad campaigns
  • E-mail flows & templates

Day 9 - The Final Stretch

  • Step-by-step TikTok ad creation
  • TIkTok strategies
  • Sales funnels

Day 10 - The Last Day

  • Becoming part of our community
  • Summary
  • Potential rewards

What you will receive


Acquire the tools that will help you convert your prospects 

  • Landing page template
  • E-mail flows
  • Ready-to-use strategies


Promote our e-learning platform and earn high commissions

  • Up to 50% commission 
  • Up to 15% 2nd tier commission 
  • Flexible payouts 


Throughout the challenge, receive assistance whenever you need it. 

  • 24/7 live chat 
  • 1-on-1 focus
  • Expert level 

Interactive platform

A platform designed to achieve the highest rate of successful learning 

  • Progress-tracking system
  • User friendly
  • Dynamic

Ultimate guide

A step-by-step guide on how to become an expert in affiliate marketing

  • Refreshing methods
  • Instructional videos
  • Interactive classes

Quality content

Receive quality content that teaches you all you need to know

  • Continuously updated
  • Experience-based
  • Easy to understand

Hear what our amazing customers say

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My first day running FB ads and the strategies seem to work well! With only 20 bucks in ad spent, I've  made 3 sales. A ROAS of 8.98 is crazy and I hope that I can keep this up. Thanks TES for all the help!

I just wanna do a huge shout out to the e-commerce school for the things they've taught me. I started their challenge a bit skeptical, but those doubts were gone after completing the first day.

Huge increase in my sales today after implementing the new strategies! Expecting my first 1K day tomorrow. Conversion rate also went up big time.

Just started my new email campaign and I'm seeing improvement already. It's generated more than $700 already  with a 40% open rate. Thanks @The E-Commerce School.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the question you're looking for?

Who is this course for?

This challenge is designed for anyone who wants to create a side hustle, learn about affiliate marketing or want to expand their knowledge in general. Most of our students want to learn the practical things within affiliate marketing so they can use it right away and start making commissions. See our success stories for yourself!

Do I get instant access to the challenge after completing my payment?

Yes, access to the challenge is instant. Simply log in with the email and password you entered when signing up. After completing payment, our system should automatically log you in. You’ll be able to tell you’re logged in when the big red button in the top right corner shows ‘Dashboard’.

What will my learning outcomes be?

The Affiliate Marketing Challenge will teach you everything you need to know in order to take your first steps into a potentially successful affiliate marketing journey. In fact, after completing this challenge – having learned all the right knowledge and tools – we’ll provide you with the opportunity to start making additional income right away.

Does The E-Commerce School have social media?

Yes, you can find us on Instagram and TikTok

Where can I find the About us page?

We're glad you're interested. For more information about the team, our values and mission(s), please visit our about us page here.

Will the platform remain accessible after 10 days?

Absolutely! Although this challenge has been designed to teach you all about affiliate marketing in just 10 days, you will have lifetime access to it and the content will be updated when necessary.

When does the course start and end?

You’ll be able to start the course wherever and whenever you like. The materials will be yours, and you can complete the course at your own pace.If you don’t understand something about the content, please don't hesitate to contact us as we’re happy to help.

Who is the team behind The E-Commerce School?

By joining this challenge, you’ll be dealing with a team of people that found themselves in the exact same position years ago. Our team has gone from not knowing how to get started and almost giving up to scaling our e-commerce businesses to nearly 30.000 dollars per day in sales.The E-Commerce School was founded by a team of experienced business professionals and is operated to this day by a team of industry experts

What are my payment options?

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Paypal. You can also pay with Apple and Google pay. For the challenge, you can only use a valid credit card.
We securely process all payments through Stripe or Paypal, and you’ll get an email receipt immediately after purchase.

Does The E-Commerce School offer private consultation services?

Yes, We provide 1-on-1 consultation throughout the course of this challenge. In case you're interested in solely this service without having to join the challenge, please contact us  and we'll set up an online meeting right away!

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