What you will receive

The E-Commerce School will guide you the whole way to your first commission. Join the challenge and break out of the 9 to 5 lifestyle and start making money online!   After signing up for The Challenge you will get access to:

A complete affiliate marketing guide that shows you everything from beginning to end what you need to know about affiliate marketing.The subjects you will learn for free and break out of the 9 to 5 lifestyle:

  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • Pros and cons
  • FAQ Affiliate marketing for beginners
  • How affiliate commissions work
  • Customer acquisition
  • Affiliate marketing average income
  • What to do before becoming an affiliate marketer
  • Step by step how to become an affiliate marketer
  • Building your platform (we can help you with this)
  • Proven affiliate marketing methods and how to work with these methods yourself (step by step)
  • Facebook and affiliate marketing
  • Google and affiliate marketing (how to)
  • YouTube and affiliate marketing
  • Instagram and affiliate marketing
  • Advertising with affiliate offers
  • Understanding affiliate programs

A change to promote one of the best exclusive affiliate programs out there: The E-Commerce School which includes:

  • 40% commission and 15% second tier commission
  • Strong tracking

Your own personal account after signing up for The Challenge &  24/7 helpdesk

A prize pool for affiliates that reaches certain amounts will be gifted an extra cash prize up to 5,000 or perhaps a monthly prize for the best performing affiliates

Possible to receive banners, working assets, extra content to promote, email swipes and much more... (updated regularly)

Your own personal discount code and many instruction videos

Cookie length on 60 days & Access to real-time sales data, traffic, account balances, and performance reports

Access to online coaching and consultation if you’re struggling with your affiliate marketing business, have a question about your way of working or anything else.

Workbook and checklist

Weekly homework and possibility to book your personal business plan meeting with us every two weeks!

Different digital marketing guides which include Facebook & Instagram ads, Google ads, TikTok & Pinterest ads.

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"I suggest you sign up and try it out yourself.."

The E-Commerce School really helped me learn how to scale my Affiliate Marketing business. Looking forward to increase my income even more.

Full time Affiliate Marketer

"My first commission"

This challenge made me receive my first commission within 11 days after completing the homework! What a great experience.

Affiliate Marketer

"Feels great to help the people who have signed up for The Affiliate Marketing Challenge"

It's a blessing to help people with their questions. Even more when we see they make more commissions after that. Love to see more people signing up for The Challenge soon!

Employee of The E-Commerce School
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