11 Top Tips on How to Get Free TikTok Followers

Any business can launch a branded hashtag challenge that allows TikTok users to produce the content and promote it on their behalf. If you approach established creators and offer to pay them to make a video for your challenge, this works incredibly well. You'll increase your audience and have access to their devoted and active supporters. See how people responded to Walmart's back-to-school hashtag challenge regarding first-day attire!

Websites that claim to sell you "genuine" TikTok followers should not be trusted. Find out the honest technique to gain free TikTok followers.


By January 2021, TikTok has 689 million global active users, which includes all grandparents. Making ensuring your audience can discover you is crucial because having a large following can give you a direct access to your company's target demographic—a connection that most marketing strategists can only hope for.


Therefore, how do you "discover yourself"? Moreover, is it "followable"?


Warning: It's not as simple as it seems. If it were, by now we would all be famous. Also, stay away from programs that let you purchase bots and false followers. This will not increase brand awareness; it will just feed your ego.


The following advice will show you how to increase your TikTok following in an ethical manner.


Bonus: Tiffy Chen, the well-known creator of TikTok, is offering a free TikTok Growth Checklist that demonstrates how to obtain 1.6 million followers with just three studio lights and iMovie.


How to increase your TikTok following for nothing

Identify your target market.

You cannot satisfy everyone's needs in one way. Knowing your audience will help you determine how to capture their interest. Be precise. Be specific. What interests them? What do they object to?


It will be easier to get your material on their For You Page if you have a clear understanding of who your target audience is (and isn't). When you first open TikTok, you are sent to the FYP, or For You Page. You want to be there!


Discover the interests of your audience.

Do not understand their interests. Simply ask them!


Ask your audience what kinds of content they would like to see on TikTok using your other social media platforms. This can be made highly entertaining on Instagram with polls and questions, and they will learn that you have a TikTok they should subscribe to (wink wink).




Look at the opposition.

Checking out similar creators and brands in your field is also a good idea. Game does, after all, recognize Game. It's like getting free research because your audiences are comparable.


study Generation Z

Don't forget Gen Zers spend a lot of time on TikTok. The great majority of TikTok users in the US are under 30.


Your chances of reaching your target demographic on TikTok are significantly higher if they can still be found on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. However, if you have a little older audience, don't panic; more and more people, especially those over 30, are joining the TikTok party.


Take part in challenges.

One of the hottest trends on TikTok is challenges, which can dramatically increase your following count.


If you're not familiar with the term, a challenge is when you challenge users to perform an action. They can be anything, though:



Although technically possible on any network, TikTok is where challenges are most common.


The following advice should be kept in mind when taking part in a TikTok challenge to gain more followers:


Pick the appropriate difficulty.

While some problems take off like wildfire, others fail. Their popularity is greatly attributed to their simplicity and relatability. This is something that the #youdontknow TikTok challenge excels at (which is presumably why the hashtag has 237.1M views)!


Remember: What makes a task unique is the personal touch you give it.


Try a hashtag challenge with your brand.

Any business can launch a branded hashtag challenge that allows TikTok users to produce the content and promote it on their behalf. If you approach established creators and offer to pay them to make a video for your challenge, this works incredibly well. You'll increase your audience and have access to their devoted and active supporters. See how people responded to Walmart's back-to-school hashtag challenge regarding first-day attire!



Visit the For You Page.

What the Explore Page is to Instagram users, the For You Page is to TikTok producers. Consider the student cafeteria's cool kids table. You should be there to be seen.


What is the operation of the TikTok For You Page?


According to TikTok, it suggests videos for your For You Page depending on how you engage with other videos there. More information regarding the algorithm may be found here, but in essence, it is selected material for you and you alone. Additionally, it means that no two For You Pages are alike. Cool, huh?


Your company's content can quickly gain more followers, likes, and virality if it appears on numerous For You pages.


Not sure how to sign up for TikTok For You Pages?


Don't worry; we have some advice to help you continuously join as many FYPs as possible.


TikTok's For You Page

Make interesting content

TikTok accounts with little to no followers can still attempt to go popular with the appropriate material, unlike Instagram or YouTube. The creamiest content ought to rise to the top, in principle. Make sure your content is of the highest caliber, fashionable or pertinent, and entirely appealing to your target audience.




Make a ton of content

Keep in mind the ABCs: Always Be Content! You have more opportunities to appear on For You Pages the more content you publish.


Likewise, don't remove your TikTok videos. A video may suddenly become popular on the FYP page and go viral on its own after being posted for a few weeks. Having a lot of content in the algorithm boosts your chances of appearing on more For You Pages, which could result in free followers on TikTok, whether it's due to timing, a force majeure, or just bad luck.


Make excellent video.

Making excellent films is another fantastic approach to get on the coveted For You Pages.


Employ a ring light. Ensure that the framing is good. Make sure the audio is crystal-clear. Make your video editing appealing.


If your material is of a good caliber, viewers are more inclined to interact and engage with it. Additionally, the likelihood of it appearing on the For You page is higher.


Apply hashtags

Hashtags make it possible for those who don't already follow you on TikTok to see your content. They are simple to create, searchable, and have even developed into a powerful marketing tool for businesses, companies, and regular TikTok creators. The TikTok For You Page algorithm also benefits from hashtags. The right hashtag will make your material more discoverable to those who aren't already following you.


Here's how to choose the ideal hashtag to increase the visibility of your content and draw in additional followers.


See which hashtags are popular.

There isn't a secret hashtag you can use to appear on everyone's FYP. You cannot be guaranteed a seat even if you use the hashtags #Foryou #FYP #ForYouPage.


It can still feel like a bit of a stab in the dark to know which hashtags to use. Thanks to the in-app hashtag suggestion feature, it's possible to find out which hashtags are popular right now. When you're making captions for your videos, you can locate this. When you press #, suggestions will appear. Use those (provided they are pertinent to your video, of course)!


tik tok trendy hashtags


Make a recognizable hashtag.

By sharing your distinctive hashtag, a branded hashtag is a fantastic method to persuade TikTok consumers to interact with your brand. It should be a term or word that motivates users to involve a company in their TikTok conversations and capitalize on popular culture. A customized hashtag challenge can also be used to entice TikTok creators to produce content for your company and serve as unofficial brand ambassadors.


Include pertinent hashtags in your captions, too!

Additionally, it's critical to use hashtags that are appropriate for your post's content and brand in the caption. In this manner, both your audience and the algorithm can locate you. Additionally, people may search a hashtag and see your videos if you score highly on it. completely avoiding the algorithm!


the hashtags popular on ArtTok and ABBA


Connect with the favorite subcultures of your audience

On TikTok, hashtags are another factor in the emergence of several niche groups and subcultures. Even TikTok refers to them as the "new demographics," so finding your audience is all about identifying with the appropriate subculture. Are the people who watch you truly fans of #cottagecore or just actual #baddies? Know your audience and your hashtag!


essential hashtag for cottage


nasty hashtag


When your audience is online, publish

Yes, it matters what you post. However, the timing of your article is as crucial.


When should content be posted on social media? online when your audience is!


How are you going to solve this? through the use of a TikTok Pro Account.


You may access TikTok Analytics, which will assist you determine when to post, as well as analytics and analytical insights related to your profile, as part of this free update.


The TikTok scheduler on Hootsuite will even suggest the optimum times to upload your content if you want to get even more specific information (unique to your account).



TikTok Training Camp for 7 Days

Are you unsure of how to begin promoting your company on TikTok? Receive a daily challenge email for a week to help you learn how to make films that go viral.


Count me in.

Find out when your audience is online by using analytics.

The geographical location of your audience and the publishing hours of your most popular content are two factors to take into account when determining the optimum times to post.


Your follower growth, top territories, and followers' activity may all be followed in Analytics under the Followers tab. Remember that it only keeps data from the previous 28 days.


A thorough examination of the hours and days your audience is most engaged may be found in the "Follower Activity" section of the Follower tab. This was captured in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Prepare to change those active hours to correspond to the time zones of your audience's viewing locations.


analytics for follower behavior


The content performance makes up the last component of the image. You may view the seven-day performance of your posts in TikTok Analytics' Content area. It will be easier to understand the connection between when you post your material and how well it performs if you take a look at your most popular pieces and the times they were posted.



Bonus: Tiffy Chen, the well-known creator of TikTok, is offering a free TikTok Growth Checklist that demonstrates how to obtain 1.6 million followers with just three studio lights and iMovie.




Gaining a lot of attention for new content as soon as you publish it will help your videos gain early traction and build momentum, which may result in you gaining more TikTok followers.


Promote on additional platforms

The majority of users run several apps simultaneously. In fact, when looking at 18 to 29-year-olds in the US, 71 percent are on Instagram, 65 percent are on Snapchat, and almost half have TikTok accounts, according to an article on social media use in 2021. Sharing your content across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will increase your visibility overall and increase visitors to your TikTok profile.


In 2021, Facebook is the most popular social platform globally.


Your videos need be modified for Instagram Reels.

Instagram Reels are the newest kids on the block and resemble TikTok in several ways. Reels can last up to 60 seconds, but TikTok films can now go up to 3 minutes, so be ready to cut your videos down if necessary.


As Instagram's algorithm will not encourage it, try to avoid leaving the TikTok watermark on your Reel.


Reels also has an Explore tab, giving you access to a completely new market. See our method to getting your material on the Instagram Explore page if you want to position your Reels for success with this potent discovery engine.


Utilize TikTok ads

Setting up TikTok advertisements is another approach to get past the algorithm and reach your audience. If you have the money for it, you should consider this alternative.


With TikTok Ads Manager, you have access to a large TikTok audience and a variety of ad management options, including targeting, ad creation, and insight reports, to ensure that your advertisements are as effective as possible.


Why are TikTok ads? Since there isn't much competition and they are still relatively new, there is plenty of room for creativity and getting noticed by the appropriate individuals.


Here are some cool things about TikTok ads:


You can target particular geographic and demographic groups.

You can locate individuals who are familiar with or have interacted with your business using the 'Custom Audiences' option.

Happier Than Ever on Disney Plus Ad on TikTok


You have a variety of ad possibilities to pick from, but bear in mind that they are all pricey ($25,000–$50,000 per day), so if you don't have a budget for advertising, move on to the next section.


Ads in-feed

TopView (making your ad the first thing they see when they open the app)

Brand Takeover is a full-screen advertisement similar to TopView, which appears when the app is initially opened.

brand hashtag difficulties (custom hashtag challenges placed on Discovery page)

Printed Impact (your own custom augmented reality virtual filter)

many TikTok advertisement alternatives

collaboration with additional TikTok creators

Your message can be amplified and your campaign can be ignited by working with a well-known TikTok creator. Several creators, influencers, and TikTok personalities who might be a good fit for your company and have a comparable following can be found via the Creator Marketplace.


TikTok for business: marketplace for creators


Utilize TikTok's new "Promote" function to turn your greatest videos into advertisements.

With their TikTok videos, businesses can now use Promote to expand their customer base and community. Any native TikTok video can be turned into an advertisement with Promote, helping you to expand your audience, get followers, and increase traffic to your company website. You must choose whether it is worthwhile for you given that it can be expensive as well.


Benefits include insights that help you understand what appealed to your audience.


Remember that you can only advertise videos that feature original audio or audio that is suitable for commercial use.




10. Make use of popular music and noises

Why are there so many individuals who, like me, can sing along to the Backyardigans' "Into the Thick of It"? Because of TikTok, specifically.


Many of the songs that are currently at the top of the charts have huge TikTok followings. There is no chance for this. The music industry benefits greatly from TikTok, which negotiates with record companies to promote particular songs on the app. If you align your video with one of these tracks, it will be more likely to get played on FYPs. (By that, we mean incorporate a popular song into your video. It's not necessary to dance!)



How to locate popular music and noises is given here:


Enter the TikTok video editor.

At the bottom of the screen, click the + icon.

Click "sounds"

Browse the trending items!

How to discover what music your followers are listening to is as follows:


Go to your Analytics page (you need a TikTok Pro account for this!) to uncover the top songs that your audience has listened to in the last week. and scroll down under the Followers page to view all the various audio and music that your audience is enjoying.


11. Experiment with stitching and duets on TikTok

Duets is another another fantastic TikTok feature. One of the original creators and one of a TikTok user are featured in these side-by-side videos. They are a fun way to interact on the app and can be used to comment, complement, answer, or add to the original video. A green screen duet option is also available, which uses the original video as the background.


Duets promote sharing and engagement with your brand's content, increasing the likelihood that it will be noticed by more and varied users. It fosters strong brand engagement and gives you the chance to reach additional followers who otherwise might not have noticed your material.