16 Best Practices for Digital Marketers in 2022

Tip 1: Keep your website updated (ASAP) Start the year off right by not using an outdated, broken website. It would be like to showing up to your important first customer meeting wearing an outdated, unclean outfit. Users don't stay on your site for very long (about 45 seconds). You don't want to lose visitors because your website is out-of-date or difficult to use.

Tip 1: Keep your website updated (ASAP)

Start the year off right by not using an outdated, broken website. It would be like to showing up to your important first customer meeting wearing an outdated, unclean outfit.

Users don't stay on your site for very long (about 45 seconds). You don't want to lose visitors because your website is out-of-date or difficult to use.


Tip 2: Make sure your website is responsive to mobile devices.

The COVID pandemic has significantly expanded the use of mobile devices in 2020. It is crucial that your website is mobile-friendly.

Customers will benefit from a simple and convenient user experience. When you're having fun or a good time, time seems to fly, and you want your users to experience the same.

Additionally, Google's "Core-Web-Vitals," which help you gauge performance, visual stability, and responsiveness, will benefit from a mobile-optimized website. By paying attention to these measurements in 2021, you will improve your Google search ranking.

Keep in mind that you want to be reachable to your customers on desktop and mobile. In 2021, the majority of users will access your website via a mobile device, therefore let's make sure they have a good time.


Tip 3: Put the user experience first (UX)

Google claims that users favor websites with excellent page experiences. It makes sense since, after all, who wants to struggle online for hours?

By putting user experience (UX) first, you may increase the likelihood that customers will stay on your website and not visit one of your rivals.

Google launched a new set of measures dubbed "Core Web Vitals" to assist businesses in gauging the user experience of their website. These metrics assess website responsiveness, speed, and visual stability.


Tip #4: Produce Content to Address Users' Questions

The most effective and interesting content always responds to your readers' inquiries. Users will depart if they believe they aren't getting satisfactory solutions to their questions.

In order to help consumers address their problems, you want this content to either inform them or offer value to their experience.


Tip 5: Use paid advertising if you haven't already

In the past, companies have increased their visibility through the use of radio, television, print, and other media. The majority of these platforms' effectiveness has been impacted by the pandemic, though. The least impacted of these is digital, which has actually gotten better during the pandemic.

Businesses are investing more in digital marketing methods than traditional ones in an effort to reduce costs and boost profits.

By doing this, the company's website traffic will increase, and more traffic means more people will find you, which will ultimately lead to more possible sales and profits.


Try out fresh marketing tools, tip #6

Businesses are achieving optimization and streamlined processes with the use of new programs and methodologies.

If you haven't already, think about utilizing these digital marketing tools and platforms in 2021:

Systems for managing customer relationships, or CRMs: Maintain a well-managed contact, sales, and customer interaction process.

You may better allocate your time and resources by using analytics and reporting tools, which helps you understand exactly what kind of outcomes you're getting.

Software for SEO optimization - If you have a WordPress website, for instance, you can use Yoast SEO or Rankmath. There are a lot more. At Rocket Expansion, we also employ a technology called Frase to assist us in producing fantastic SEO-optimized content.


Automate Your Tasks (tip 7)

You may prioritize higher-priority initiatives and save time by automating your routine tasks. The advantages of your digital marketing strategy can be significantly increased by automation in the appropriate areas.

Here is a list of a few areas to think about automating:

Email marketing automation Schedule your marketing emails to your chosen contacts in advance. Additionally, you may create email series that are sent to various audiences and provide personalized follow-up.

Automated notifications are especially useful for following up on emails you receive.

Posts to social media automatically - All social media posts should be scheduled in advance across several platforms.

Automate Lead Flow - If a person requests to download a resource, you can immediately send them an email letting them do so. To help them progress down the funnel, you might keep sending them pre-scheduled automated emails with further details on the subject.

Analytics Reporting Automation - Track consumer behavior using your CRM and Google Analytics. These indicators are essential for tracking the development of your marketing efforts.


Tip 8: Produce helpful content that people are looking for.

You may find out what keywords and subjects customers in your industry are searching for using SEO tools and Google Analytics data.

Create blogs and resources using the data.

Producing high-quality, useful information is the aim. As an alternative, you can use these subjects to enhance and repurpose the content on your already-popular blogs.

Additionally important is emphasizing human connection above product sale. By offering extremely relevant and helpful content, you may start to establish reputation and acquire the trust of potential clients.


Use video on social media as a ninth tip.

In 2021, social media marketing will flourish. This is primarily driven by social media marketing that uses video. Both video and image-based content are becoming more and more popular with consumers.

In the past year, practically every social media platform and environment have undergone significant changes.

Videos are projected to be the most popular type of material on social media in 2021 as a result of the advent of applications like TikTok and Instagram Reels in 2020.

Video marketing is more efficient at generating leads than static articles, according to any digital marketing business and digital marketers.

Go a step further and experiment with including interactive components in your marketing films.

The ability to interact with the films themselves, which is a brand-new form of material, creates a user experience unlike any other.

Because it provides individuals the freedom to choose what information they want to view and when they want to view it, interactive video content is preferred by consumers above other types of video content.

The success of your company's social media strategy depends on this data.


Tip 10: Increasing your sales by going local

Marketing initiatives must be tailored to the local market in order to succeed. Your online presence should first be optimized for local SEO.

72% of customers, according to HubSpot, conducted a local search before going to a store within a 5-mile radius.

In order to improve search results, having a Google My Business page is crucial, as is having a strong backlinking profile.

Next, you can use technology to target audiences, such geolocation services. You can use geolocation information to send tailored communications to a certain set of people urging them to visit your local store.


Use tools that enable digital sales (tip 11).

Consumers are often looking for quick fixes.

People don't want to spend all day looking for information, and since COVID has changed how customers behave, they now want everything to be done online.

Incorporate a few digital tactics and tools in 2021 to let your contacts interact with your sales team at their convenience and on their terms.

Here are some illustrations of instruments to remember:

AI chatbots Visitors can start live online chat chats with company representatives using chatbots on the company website. Using a live online chatbot like Drift, businesses can offer help, qualify leads, and even convert leads. Put a face to the name by using video prospecting to stand out from the competition and humanize the sales process. Personalize your message and include a request for a meeting in your call to action.

Demo recordings - By pre-recording your product demos, you may streamline your sales process. The demo will be accessible at any time, allowing viewers to stop, pause, and rewatch it as needed.

Tools for arranging appointments - To instantly and correctly plan appointments with leads, use appointment scheduling software like Calendly. Here is one of our examples.

Electronic signatures and online transactions To offer a convenient and quick response on purchases, use online transactions and e-signature software like DocuSign.


Tip 12: Strategically build your brand

Whether you are a novice or an industry specialist, initial impressions count. A lot. You need a powerful, rock star brand since the initial impression people get of your business is crucial and valuable.

Your brand encompasses more than just your displayed logo. Branding has a long history.

The effectiveness of your branding and logo depends on using a professional. It will help to establish you as the preferred brand.


Track and monitor your spending, tip 13

Different online branding and marketing channels will assist you and your company in different ways. You have to spend money in order to earn money, as the saying goes. Be prepared to spend, but do so wisely.

Analyze each platform, tool, and channel in detail to see what benefits they can provide for your company (in-depth). Establish definite, quantifiable goals for each action.

To properly choose where and how much to spend, you'll want to accomplish this. Digital marketing and spending should be done strategically.

Making decisions haphazardly will only lead to poor and unsustainable business results; in essence, you'll be burning money.

At Rocket Expansion, we have a method where we run tiny test campaigns with any new marketing expenditure and wait for the outcomes. Then, after determining which campaigns are effective, we focus our resources there and abandon the others.

Make sure to evaluate the outcomes of each of your branding, marketing, and promotion strategies on a regular basis.

By doing so, you can make sure you're getting the most for your money and change or stop any activities that aren't helping you achieve your objectives.


Tip 14: Use SEO to boost your online visibility

The art and science of being found online through people looking for relevant terms in Google or other search engines is known as search engine optimization (SEO).

The three essential components of SEO are as follows:

examining the search trends in your market and creating informative, useful content that addresses these searchers' inquiries

obtaining links to this material from other websites

You may significantly increase your reach to new audiences and online communities with effective SEO. Bring them to your website so you may try to sell them something by turning them into paying consumers.


Know Your Customers (15th Tip)

Your ability to understand your customers' marketplaces will depend on your knowledge of their actions.

The purchasing habits of your clients can be understood and measured using a variety of technologies.

You can develop customer personas to aid in the development of your branding and digital marketing strategies.

Additionally, keeping an eye on trends by utilizing Google Trends to monitor actions and outcomes will help you stay informed.


16th tip: Develop self-service choices

People of today want rapid pleasure once more.

By offering resources and responding to inquiries when customers and prospects are actively engaged, you can create a wonderful customer experience.

Knowledge base: By building a knowledge base with the answers to frequently asked issues, you may respond to your customers' questions right away rather than making them wait hours (or even days) for a response from your service.

Your knowledge base ought to contain illustrations, explanations, links to related resources, and so forth. Google makes all of these available.

e-learning movies

To aid with product education and customer onboarding, build a library of how-to videos. Additionally, by doing this, the business will enhance its standing as a client-focused brand.