Best Sidehustles in 2022: The 11 best ways to start

1. Spend your free time doing surveysAn excellent option to make extra money is by participating in surveys in your own time. While this side business won't make you wealthy, you can earn incentives and exchange them for money or gift cards to well-known retailers. If you're interested in giving your opinion and getting paid, these are some of the best survey websites available:

1. Spend your free time doing surveys

An excellent option to make extra money is by participating in surveys in your own time. While this side business won't make you wealthy, you can earn incentives and exchange them for money or gift cards to well-known retailers. If you're interested in giving your opinion and getting paid, these are some of the best survey websites available:

Survey Junkie

A website called Survey Junkie combines users with surveys they may complete to receive incentives. Survey Junkie is the source of consumer insights for hundreds of brands. You have two options: either install the SJ Pulse add-on, which automatically logs information about your surfing activity, or take part in surveys and focus groups. You receive points for choosing either choice, which you can then swap for gift cards or pay for using PayPal or a bank transfer.

Brands pay InboxDollars for consumer insights provided by customers like you, and the company distributes the cash earnings to its members. There are several things you may do to make money, like reading emails, playing games, taking surveys, and redeeming discounts. Through InboxDollars, you may even get cash back when you shop online. In the last 20 years, the corporation has given out $59 million in cash bonuses. Even a $5 sign-up incentive is available.

2. Provide grocery delivery, takeout, and other necessities

Providing delivery services for food, groceries, and other necessities can pay well. The best thing, though? You may be able to choose when to work because some delivery businesses let you choose your own hours. Additionally, if you frequently shop and fulfill orders, you can earn more than $20 per hour. Some of the top delivery services for drivers are listed below:


Give Instacart a try if you like perusing the aisles of your neighborhood grocery shop. While Instacart has in the past employed full-time shoppers, you can currently find contract work shopping and delivering orders. You may work as an Instacart shopper whenever it's convenient for you; simply open the app and choose the order you want to start getting paid for. Your tips are completely yours to keep, and you may withdraw them right away if you choose.


Once you're set up on the smartphone app for DoorDash, you can work in any of the more than 4,000 cities where it offers meal delivery services. You'll be in charge of picking up orders from nearby eateries and delivering them to consumers as a Dasher. It's easy to get started, and you'll have the freedom to choose your own hours. DoorDash will provide you everything you need to start working after you apply and finish your orientation. Simply use the app to begin making deliveries from there.

Uber Eats.

You can make money delivering takeaway meals in your free time with Uber Eats, a food delivery service. You may use those spare moments to earn some extra money, whether they come on the weekends or after work. Sign up to become an Uber Eats delivery driver, use the app to identify and complete orders, and then log out to receive payment. You can also choose to set up Instant Pay if you require rapid cash and get payments up to five times each day. No car? Not to worry. In some cities, Uber Eats drivers can choose to deliver orders on a bike or a scooter.

3. Rent a vehicle

While you work from home, is your automobile just gathering dust in a parking space? Put it to use for you if so! When you're not using your car, renting it out might be a profitable side business that doesn't take much of your time or effort. If you want to hire a car to increase your income, these are the top two options:


When you're not using your car, Getaround's car-sharing service lets you make money from renters. You won't need to give any customer service because Getaround installs a digital key that enables renters to open your car from their phone, making this a genuinely passive possibility. Every journey includes roadside assistance and $1 million in insurance coverage. Your earnings are paid out on a regular basis, and you keep 60% of the rate set for your automobile. Your only duties are to set your car's availability and keep it maintained.


You may advertise your car on Turo, a carsharing service, and make an average of $706 every month. You may choose the price and conditions for renting out your automobile through Turo. Beyond the meeting required to hand over the keys, your income will be passive. You'll keep somewhere between 65 and 85 percent of the trip's cost, depending on the protection plan you choose.

Every journey is protected by liability insurance from Liberty Mutual up to $750,000. Additionally, payments are made quickly: 72 hours after your first journey and three hours after each consecutive travel, Turo will start a direct deposit. For any journeys longer than a week, owners will also receive weekly payments.

4. Walk dogs or look after pets

Do you adore dogs and are seeking for the ideal side business? If so, Rover has your back. When you create a profile on Rover, you may make up to $1,000 each month by engaging in dog-related activities. The website is made to make it easier for pet owners to discover housesitters, dog walkers, and pet sitters. Anyone with relevant prior pet-related professional experience is welcome to create a profile on Rover. Rover will not only direct customers your way, but it will also take care of your customer service and payment needs, offer you continuing training, and run a background check on you to reassure customers.

Two days after completing a service, you can access your money and choose your own timetable and pricing.

5. Make advantage of your creative abilities

Have you ever fantasized of using your artistic side to get money? The side business you've been seeking for might be Thumbtack. Thumbtack is an online marketplace that connects clients with nearby experts operating almost any industry. This implies that you may expand your business with Thumbtack whether you paint murals, DJ parties, shoot weddings, clean homes, or groom dogs.

Although creating a profile is free, there is a minor fee when a warm lead gets in touch with you directly. Your own schedule, location, and rates are up to you. Additionally, Thumbtack shows you how you stack up against the opposition so you can determine reasonable charges for your services.

6. Establish a webstore.

Amazon is an excellent place to start a side business in online reselling, and top resellers can make hundreds of dollars each month. Although it's a cutthroat industry, it's also a fantastic location to learn about e-commerce and develop as an online reseller. You don't have to venture out on your own if you're anxious about beginning an Amazon business. You may use Jungle Scout to make money selling on Amazon.

For business owners who want to sell products on Amazon, Jungle Scout serves as both a research tool and all-in-one platform. The platform supports you throughout every phase of running your business, from locating qualified suppliers to identifying the correct products that are in high demand to learning how to resale. With yearly sales of more than $3 billion, it currently provides support for more than 400,000 business owners. Customers of Jungle Scout also have access to customer service and free educational materials to aid in the expansion of their businesses.

7. Launch a personal blog

Whether you have a passion for food, DIY projects, interior design, the arts, or anything else, starting a blog is a terrific way to share that enthusiasm with the world. And HostGator is one of the most affordable options if you want to start hosting your own website or blog. You can gain access to the website builder, a free domain registration good for a year, and free website and domain transfers for as little as $2.75 per month. You'll also receive a free email account and $200 in advertising credits.

HostGator also provides limitless bandwidth, storage, and a free SSL certificate to demonstrate to your visitors that you are concerned about security. Once your site has a sizable audience, you can make money by selling your own goods and services, running ads, doing affiliate marketing, or using social media marketing.


The businesses on our list of the finest side businesses are present or former partners of FinanceBuzz. Not every company in the market was examined by us. We evaluated these businesses based on various aspects, including prospective earnings, time investment, and possible customers.

How to choose your ideal side business

A successful side business fits into your schedule well and generates the income you need. Each person will have a distinct idea of what that looks like. Some people want to learn how to make $1,000 per day, while others want to achieve that goal in a week or a month.

When determining the best side businesses for you, keep the following in mind:

How much time will I need to invest to make a living?

It's always a plus when the time-to-money ratio is low. For most people, making more money faster makes sense. However, if you look at the big picture, some side businesses that need more time may make more sense.

Do you require funding for this task? For instance, if your car doesn't fulfill the requirements of a rideshare company, you can't work for them and make money. It might not be worth the effort to pursue a certain side gig if you have to put a lot of money into it to get started. Consider what you have to offer and start by taking the easiest route.

When are you available to work?

You can be forced to adhere to a rigorous schedule by full-time work, families, and other responsibilities. If you're a good fit for a side hustle, you can maintain your priorities while still making some extra money in your free time.

Are you still trying to decide which side business is best for you? There are a few more factors to consider that could assist you in reducing the options.

What are your current skill sets?

You can find a side business that pays well and gives you fulfillment by focusing on the things you enjoy and are skilled at. Do you write well? Then writing for pay or blogging can be a good fit. How well-organized are you? It can be a terrific idea to work as a virtual assistant.

Perhaps you adore working with numbers and work as a bookkeeper during the day. Online or with nearby businesses, you might offer your part-time services. love creatures? Through Rover, pet sitting and dog walking can be a fantastic fit.

Putting a few of your present skills together could be the key to figuring out how to generate $10,000 each month.

What tools do you have at your disposal?

There are numerous methods to make additional money with the resources you already possess. You may use a peer-to-peer service like Getaround or Turo to hire out a car that you don't use frequently. Do you possess a nice selection of designer handbags and shoes? By selling your old items on websites like Poshmark or eBay, you can earn extra money. Have you got an extra room? Think about booking that room on Airbnb.

What is enjoyable?

If earning money doesn't feel like labor, it's lot more fun. So, if you're going to pursue a side hustle, make sure it's something you enjoy.

Do you want to work from home? Look for remote or online jobs doing things like taking surveys or finding freelance work on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, or Craigslist. Not much of a people person? There are plenty of lucrative side jobs available for introverts, so don't worry. Enjoy driving? Think about registering with a rideshare company like Uber or Lyft. It's considerably simpler to persist with a side hustle till you reach your financial objectives if you pick one you enjoy.

What is your budget and how much time do you have?

You can earn the most money with a successful side business in the shortest amount of time. The amount of time you have for extra work may be constrained if you work a full-time job as well. Think about the amount of time you can devote to a side business and the income you can expect from a certain employment during that period.

As a part-time reseller, you may earn $2,000 per month, for instance. Look for anything else if it isn't enough to help you achieve your financial objectives.

Do you intend to make this your primary occupation someday?

Many people who work as side hustlers discover that their side jobs can be more rewarding or lucrative than their day jobs. Others employ side businesses to dip their toes into a new field. If reaching these is a component of your moonlighting objectives, search for possibilities that will move you in that direction.

To make some additional money while perfecting your new skill, choose a side business that enables you to learn and practice new skills.

If you don't get it right the first time, don't stress.

Finding the ideal side job can often need some trial and error. Or perhaps you're the type of person who enjoys holding down multiple jobs. A good approach to discovering a good fit or maintaining a stream of income at any given time is to try one or more chances. You won't grow bored doing the same job every day if you do this.

Thank goodness, the gig economy is booming, and there are many opportunities for side businesses.

Questions and answers concerning side jobs

Do you need a side business?

That question can only be answered by you. One person's lifestyle may work well for a side business, but not so much for another. It relies on your priorities and goals, as well as the measures you are prepared to take to achieve them.

Many side jobs are simple, fun, and work well around a full-time schedule. Others demand a bigger investment of time and money. Finding what works best for you is the key.

How can I earn an additional $1,000 per month?

Depending on what you want to do, you can do this with one or multiple side jobs. There are active options that entail working all the time. You can do this by putting up a Shopify store, building up a Shopify store, teaching English online using VIPKid, delivering meals using services like Postmates, or helping out with home repairs using Thumbtack or TaskRabbit. Other options include working as a freelancer in your spare time.

You may also look into passive income opportunities like renting out a room in your house, carpooling, or selling any stuff you no longer need, such as old clothes. Whatever you decide, if you want to earn an extra $1,000 per month, your objective should be to make at least $250 every week.

How can I earn more income while keeping a full-time job?

First, confirm that doing a second job is acceptable with your primary employer. Some businesses have guidelines about after-hours work for employees. Find a side job that complements your regular job second. If you have a nine to five job, finding something you can do on the weekends and in the evenings can be a terrific idea.

You have many choices for making money off your interests and skills, including blogging and freelancing. It's also a good idea to consider more time- and effort-free side jobs. Look into setting up an Etsy shop or selling goods on Amazon.

How can I quickly earn some extra money?

Look for side jobs that pay instantly or at least weekly and take little time to begin going if you want to earn extra money quickly.

Post stuff for sale online if you have clothing, furniture, or other items you no longer need. Become a rideshare driver or a delivery/shopping service employee. Many of these services offer weekly payments. Working as a walker or caretaker with children and animals can also bring in rapid cash.

You may even download some budget-friendly mobile applications to your phone, like Fetch Rewards or Shopkick, which reward you with gift cards or cash when you shop.

How does one begin a side business?

The initial step is to look. Find out what income-generating options exist in your area by doing some study. After that, decide which are worthwhile and suitable for your way of life. Create a strategy for how you'll cooperate with those businesses to earn what you need once you've decided on one or more possibilities. Last but not least, get in touch with the organization or companies you wish to partner with and offer your services!

What side businesses are the most lucrative?

The platforms that let you control your own business and establish your own prices are frequently the most lucrative side hustles. Sites that help you expand your Amazon business, sites that connect clients with service providers, and any other tools that assist you in starting and operating your own business are among them. Some alternatives for passive income can be very profitable. There is a cap on how much you may make, even if paid survey sites and on-demand delivery applications are still fantastic methods to make money.