How to beat the TikTok algorithm

If your company uses TikTok for marketing, you're certainly looking for strategies to grow your following there. How can I increase my TikTok views and followers? In light of this, how can you initially attract more viewers to your content? Making use of the TikTok platform for your brand requires an understanding of how the algorithm functions.

If your company uses TikTok for marketing, you're certainly looking for strategies to grow your following there. How can I increase my TikTok views and followers? In light of this, how can you initially attract more viewers to your content? Making use of the TikTok platform for your brand requires an understanding of how the algorithm functions.

In this article, we explain the TikTok algorithm and how it functions. We also provide some useful advice on how to "hack" the algorithm, which is more significant. Let's start now.

What does TikTok's algorithm entail?
Each user receives individualized content recommendations thanks to the TikTok algorithm. On the user's For You page, it chooses which videos the user could enjoy based on their particular preferences.

As a result, each user's experience with the For You page is highly customized. Your friend's or colleague's For You page may not display the same information as yours does. It makes sense that someone who consumes a lot of beauty and makeup content may get more suggestions for related videos. However, those films won't frequently appear for someone who primarily watches sports and gaming-related stuff.

Additionally, it implies that when your viewing habits and preferences change, so will the types of content you see on this page. For instance, you might notice more DIY-related videos on your For You tab when you develop a new interest in home improvement projects. As you interact with more DIY and creating stuff, this occurs.

How does TikTok's algorithm function?
You might now be curious as to how TikTok chooses which stuff to recommend. The TikTok algorithm takes into account a variety of elements to determine which videos a user may enjoy.

The following are the key TikTok ranking parameters that affect which videos appear on your For You page:

behavioral signals and user interactions
TikTok takes many factors into account, but one of the most crucial is how users act on the platform. With the help of this data, the platform can better comprehend each user's distinct tastes and how they evolve over time. Then, based on how closely these behavioral signals match up with the films, it ranks them.

The key data signals below are taken into account by the TikTok algorithm:

Likes and shares for videos
Accounts were given.
submitted comments
Content produced Completed videos
preferred vids
This data is used by TikTok to learn more about the kinds of videos you prefer to watch and the content providers you like. It will therefore probably suggest videos that are similar to those that you have already seen and interacted with. Additionally, it's likely to favor videos made by creators whose work you've previously enjoyed.

Information from videos to improve content discovery
TikTok learns how to rank the material by using information from the video itself, such as captions, hashtags, and sounds. This is mostly due to the fact that it makes use of the data to determine what the material is about and when to display it on users' For You pages.

Account and device indications
TikTok analyzes each user's device and account settings to maximize performance. It mostly considers the following details:

rural settings
the preferred languages
Selecting a category for a device
However, they don't carry as much weight as the other two criteria because people don't express them as preferences in an active way. This implies that a strong indicator of interest, like finishing a film, is likely to receive more weight from the algorithm.

Six suggestions for enhancing the TikTok algorithm
Given these ranking criteria, it is safe to argue that increasing engagement is the most effective technique to "hack" the algorithm. If your brand is new to the platform and you're still growing your following, this could seem difficult.

The good news is that TikTok does not directly factor follower count or a track record of popular videos into rankings. Newer accounts will find it much simpler to appear on the For You page of relevant individuals as long as they are being proactive. In light of it, the following advice will help you succeed with the TikTok algorithm:

1. Make the initial seconds matter
TikTok gives importance to things like how long viewers stayed on your video. In order to increase the number of viewers who watch your movies all the way through, you should develop intriguing content. In order to do that, you must captivate their interest within the first few seconds and keep it there so that they'll want to watch the entire film.

That entails bypassing the introduction and diving right into the action within the first couple of seconds. TikTok is a platform that moves quickly, thus there is no opportunity for sluggish builds that can bore viewers. If not, viewers will lose patience and swiftly move on to the following video in their stream.

To make the initial few seconds count, you might need to add text overlay, voiceovers, or sound effects, depending on the topic. To keep viewers watching, it's important to establish the value of your video right away.

Here is an illustration of a text overlay from Colourpop Cosmetics that explains the benefits of watching the video.

2. Favor shorter video lengths
The maximum video length on TikTok was recently increased to ten minutes. However, the TikTok algorithm may not always favor you if your videos are lengthier. The algorithm heavily relies on the video completion rate, as was already explained. How likely is it that someone will watch a 10-minute film to the end versus a 15-second one?

Make your films shorter and more impactful to keep consumers watching. This is not to imply that you shouldn't experiment with long-form videos, especially if they are more consistent with the identity, messaging, and objectives of your company. Just keep in mind that at least part of your videos should be brief.

3. Post when it's appropriate
Time is of the essence on TikTok, just like it is on other social networks. For the system to properly rank your video, it looks at how many people have watched it. In other words, your video is more likely to appear on the For You pages of relevant viewers the more engagement it receives. In order to increase your visibility on the platform, you must drive as much engagement as you can in the initial few minutes after posting.

You may accomplish this by posting your TikTok videos when your audience is most active. Tuesday through Thursday at 9 or 10 a.m. is generally the greatest time to post on social media. Every audience, though, is unique. To access following activity and determine when your audience is most active, it is recommended to check your TikTok analytics.

4. Make use of popular music.
TikTok is a platform that focuses heavily on audio, where songs and sounds spread like wildfire. In fact, it's one of the only social media platforms that lets users perform audio searches. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the audio you utilize affects how easily people can find your movies.

The TikTok algorithm will exploit user interaction with a video that uses a certain audio track to suggest more videos that also use that audio. By including popular music and sounds into your video, you could increase the visibility of your material. If you notice a trend developing on the platform, don't be hesitant to join in and, if applicable, incorporate the audio in your own films.

Revolve always makes sure that the music in its TikTok videos is upbeat and in style.

5. Improve your hashtag skills.
Think again if you though hashtags were only used on Instagram. Hashtags are used by the TikTok algorithm to recognize a video's subject matter and determine its appropriate category. That implies you should include hashtags that are pertinent to your video and your business if you want TikTok to expose your video to the proper audience.

Utilizing popular TikTok hashtags that are already receiving a ton of awareness and engagement is even better. You might be able to participate in a well-known hashtag challenge, for instance, and give it a personal touch. Your content production may be inspired by these popular hashtags. They may increase the visibility of your material because they are already well-known on the platform.

You can see the hashtags that are popular right now in the Trends area of your Discover page. Search for prospects for your brand by researching each trending hashtag.

6. Create captions with lots of keywords
Even if you can keep your captions brief or even leave them blank, it's much preferable if you can make use of it. To help the TikTok algorithm grasp the content of the video, write captions that are pertinent to the video.

Utilize this space to your advantage by including keywords that are pertinent to the video. This will make it simpler for TikTok to comprehend the video's content and display it to the appropriate users. Having saying that, refrain from cramming your caption with keywords merely for effect. Instead, deliberately include the keywords into a statement that is both understandable and relevant to the topic at hand.

Check out the following TikTok to see how GoPro employs terms like "skijoring," "Colorado," and "sport."