The best affiliate programs to promote in 2022

It's also important to note how simple this tool is to use. It is ideal for individuals who want to start going right away because it is one of the simplest tools to use and integrate into an existing business. The variety of products available through the Amazon program is unmatched, regardless of the market area in which you happen to be interested. The Amazon affiliate network is undoubtedly a top choice for newbies due to the wide variety of products available, and after you gain rank, you m

Amazon Associates 1.

Even if you're just beginning, if you've looked at affiliate programs for beginners, it's likely that you've heard of the Amazon Associates program. When it comes to generating income with this monetization strategy, the Amazon affiliate program is the industry standard. There are several lessons and courses available on how to use this network to earn a comfortable livelihood. It's not surprising that the program made it to the top of our list given its popularity. With this program, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Amazon is not an affiliate network; it is an online store. The majority of the other programs on this list are affiliate networks where the network only controls your interaction with the real business providing the affiliate offer. Putting the popularity of this program aside, you might be interested in the advantages of using it in your company.


This affiliate program's status as the biggest and most established in the world speaks a lot. You may rest comfortable that you have a solid starting point because Amazon has created such a well-known scheme for affiliates.

You will undoubtedly become aware of the program's commission structures' recent upgrade when reading reviews of the Amazon affiliate program. Businesses that had diversified their revenue streams were less impacted, while others who relied primarily on this source of income did suffer a few setbacks. The best feature of this program is that you will always receive your payments on schedule (usually 30 days after the purchase).

It's also important to note how simple this tool is to use. It is ideal for individuals who want to start going right away because it is one of the simplest tools to use and integrate into an existing business. The variety of products available through the Amazon program is unmatched, regardless of the market area in which you happen to be interested. The Amazon affiliate network is undoubtedly a top choice for newbies due to the wide variety of products available, and after you gain rank, you may subsequently switch your links to higher paying deals.


In addition to unpredictable commission updates, this program's one drawback is that you must abide by Amazon's rigorous terms of service rules. You can find examples of affiliates getting tagged for violating terms of service for unidentified reasons if you look around Amazon affiliate reviews. The majority of the time, these problems can be fixed with a little work, but it is still important to note and keep in mind as an additional program nuance.

The Amazon affiliate program gives much lower payments than some of the other programs on this list because of its size and volume of affiliates. You should think about whether this program alone will assist you in reaching your business objectives in light of the most recent changes to these affiliate commission rates. The Amazon program's much shorter cookie duration (often 24 hours), which is the tracking code used to determine whether a user who clicked on your link made it all the way to the checkout window, is another issue that many affiliates have with it.

The absence of a real affiliate manager to assist you in case of problems is another drawback of this scheme. It can be challenging to get clear answers from anyone in this program, and issues frequently take considerably longer to address before being resolved, according to many affiliates who complain about this. Due to these factors, we always advise you to diversify your sources of income as much as you can. You shouldn't put all of your eggs in one basket, and if the only source of revenue for your company is Amazon affiliate commissions, you may want to think about expanding your diversification.

While our program is wonderful for the sheer quantity of products you may personalize to match your needs, many affiliates who use our marketplace rely too heavily on Amazon. As a result, you should always strive to diversify.

2. The E-Commerce School affiliate program 

The E-Commerce School was established for aspiring and professional E-Commerce entrepreneurs who are looking to be given insights into recognized strategies and methods necessary to start and grow a successful e-Commerce business online. They wanted to create a platform where aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start an ecommerce business can come to explore everything they need to launch an online business or just needs information to help to solve issues.
  • High commission rates
    You get up to 50% off all sales for The E-Commerce School
  • Lifetime commissions
    When you refer a customer, you receive commissions for all their purchases
  • Second-tier commissions
    Up to 10% affiliate commissions on the second tier.
    (if someone you refer earns a commission)
  • Everyone can be an affiliate
    You don't need a The E-Commerce School paid subscription to become an affiliate unlike many other platforms out there.
  • Strong affiliate tracking
    Each time we send an email, we will automatically add your affiliate ID
  • Prize pools
  • Community 

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With years of industry experience and success, The E-Commerce School guides its students through the process of starting an online business and ultimately helps them become thriving online entrepreneurs.

3. Impact affiliate program

Impact is another excellent affiliate program to take into account when getting started in affiliate marketing because it sets the standard for dashboard functionality and user interface (UI). This tool is excellent for companies looking for more performance data to guide business decisions because it has an intuitive interface and delivers extensive performance tracking and reporting.


This affiliate network has over 1,000 brands spread throughout a wide range of niches, so you can find something that fits your target market here. It is understandable that so many affiliates have such positive things to say about this program given that it has one of the greatest user interfaces and reporting dashboards.

Because it supports each and every participant in its program, Impact's customer service is renowned for being excellent for both new and experienced affiliates. Your support requests are accompanied by helpful information and thorough "How-to" articles, giving you the impression that the software genuinely cares about your success. Numerous brands will quickly welcome you into their programs is another aspect that sets Impact apart from the competition. Let's discuss some of the anchors that can hold you back within this program since this may be partly because the program is first more challenging.


As was already indicated, joining the Impact affiliate program is more difficult than with the other choices we've discussed so far. Depending on how you look at it, this might be beneficial or negative. You might find this advantageous depending on your longer-term ambitions because many brands will choose to admit you into their program sooner based on the increased requirements to apply. Based on the additional functionality on the dashboard, several people have also complained about the program's steep learning curve. You should be aware of a few faults and other backend issues that some users have experienced because this affiliate network has a lot of functionality built in.

4. Awin

With more than 13,000 active advertisers in its affiliate network, Awin is a typical online market comparable to Amazon and Etsy. Four major categories make up the goods and services this program covers:

Finance and Insurance include the standard loans, personal banking services, real estate, savings and investments, credit card offers, and insurance business services.

Clothing, accessories, gadgets, and other items fall under the category of retail and shopping.

Telecommunications and Services - This category covers deals on services including web hosting, education, and training.

Cruises, vacations, railroads, lodging, vehicle rentals, airlines, and general tourism are all examples of travel.

An affiliate can choose from the aforementioned categories to market thanks to the Awin affiliate program's array of digital goods and services that span numerous niches. The platform excels as a marketplace for content producers, website owners, influencers, and technology-based partners who wish to market their goods by establishing successful connections.


The Awin affiliate program's availability of more than 15,000 active advertisers and more than 200,000 publishers inside its network makes it a fantastic option for newcomers. There are many offers and items available for someone just starting out, and with over $150 million in sales created since 2019, there is undoubtedly money to be made through this program.

You can profit from Awin's higher commission rates from a variety of global partners if your company operates outside the US, Canada, and UK markets. A Chrome plugin that enables affiliates to quickly create links across all of Awin's partners is one fantastic feature of the affiliate program. This can be especially helpful for Etsy users who want to create their affiliate marketing content more manually. When comparing Awin to other affiliate programs based on any current content you may have, keep in mind that the products sold on Awin tend to be more e-commerce focused.


The Awin affiliate program's age is the first potential drawback that springs to mind. Despite being a younger network, it was formed through the merger of two more established affiliate networks. Some could argue that this is less "solid" and is therefore not the greatest foundation around which to create your entire company. Once more, always diversify your sources of income.

The dashboard's user interface is another issue that many affiliates with this network encounter after being approved. The vast majority of users have consistently complained about how challenging it is to use the UI and dashboard. Although it doesn't require any technical expertise, the dashboard is not very user-friendly.

This network's approval functionality is likewise rather sluggish, and response times can often be significantly higher than with some of the other applications we've discussed thus far. When looking for an affiliate offer to promote, always be vigilant as some users have reported "spammy" type sites.

5. Share a sale 

Another well-known name on this list is ShareASale, which collaborates with the Awin network. The program offers cutting-edge technology to make it easier for merchants and affiliates to collaborate on successful marketing campaigns.

You can use the client services offered by this network to access a wide range of brands and products as well as tools that can be used to start and expand your own affiliate business.

Positive ShareASale has been around for a while, and its network presently includes more than 1,000 active businesses. You can choose from a far wider range of offers to find one that fits your needs because it covers everything from e-commerce to software.

Because ShareASale's application procedure is so simple and straightforward, it's simple for newcomers to leverage this momentum to propel their trip. Although helpful statistics like your average sales, conversion rates, and earnings per click (EPC) are shown, they can occasionally be challenging to comprehend.


Because of the old portal interface, it is challenging to navigate around the dashboard and comprehend the offered information, as has already been highlighted. It can be challenging to build relationships with possible partners because the UI has drawn notice for not being user-friendly, which is not something that will help you advance as a beginning.