The best services for your copywriting in 2022

In this blog we'll cover a few popular writing tools which you can use for your business in 2022. These are, Jasper and Anyword!

In this blog we'll cover a few popular writing tools which you can use for your business in 2022. These are, Jasper and Anyword! is the latest addition to an expanding list of artificial intelligence (AI) writing tools. Not just for run-of-the-mill content, though. The service is smart enough to distinguish between content intent such as slogans, marketing copy, or even punchy headlines. can be an excellent way for busy marketers and small business owners to get more out of their time and money when creating content for their businesses or websites. The critical question is, “how effectively?”’s user-friendly interface makes it simple enough so that most people can pick things up quickly. It follows a widely-accepted web service style, with a navigation menu on the left and workspace on the right.


I dare say that even if you don’t read the documentation, you’ll be able to run through the options and get started quickly. For example, once you log in to your account, a “Get Started” bar lets you pick a template and move immediately.


Even if you’re freestyling, the quick options on the left navigation bar let you quickly swap between various content types. I found that an excellent way to run through the different capabilities of this AI content generator quickly.


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Writing digital marketing and search engine optimization ads and articles isn’t always easy. Companies need to stand out above the competition and maximize their ad campaigns. Technology can help organizations and individuals achieve those goals easier.

Artificial intelligence is the basis for Anyword’s copywriting software. It is already being used by many major entrepreneurs, freelancers, advertising agencies, and marketers.

The tool can help create ads, blogs, or articles. Anyword is a valuable marketing resource because it can help you manage social media advertising campaigns, marketing ad campaigns, etc.

In this Anyword review, I will show what it offers, how you can use it, and how it can benefit you.

Anyword can save money, resources, and time. Anyword creates different choices for marketing copy that users can use and implement when defining products. This process can significantly accelerate workflows.

Messages are tailored and created for specific platforms using the artificial intelligence (AI) driven program. Businesses can make their messages visible to more existing and potential customers with targeted posts.

You can strengthen your marketing campaigns by using the AI marketing copy generator tool capabilities such as:

  • Text variations will be provided in bulk to save time.
  • All ads or messages created by your or your team are assessed and evaluated. Performance scores will be issued to inform you about your message’s effectiveness and whether a particular message or ad could be improved.
  • You can include keywords that you want when using the tool to generate text.
  • You can build your very own keyword library. Those keywords will then be placed in all written materials that the tool creates.
  • It’s easy to locate the most effective phrases or words for your messages.
  • You can receive personalized recommendations by connecting Anyword with ad creation resources.
  • You can get more site traffic and spend less by using the Facebook ad copy program, accommodating your Facebook ad budget.

Anyword can be used for different content types. It can also assist with advertising channels such as blog outlines, blog titles, blog intro paragraphs, SMS promo messages, landing pages, product pages, email subject lines, advertisements, and content promotion

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Best For: Small Businesses, Marketers, and Content Marketing Agencies.

G2 Score: 4.9/5

If you’ve hit writer’s block or are unable to convert from your written copy, then Jasper is the tool for you. Jasper is an AI-based copywriting software that helps you write sales pages and emails to capture leads, headlines, video scripts, copy for ads, and a lot more.

Their AI-based writing assistant Jasper is trained by conversion and copywriting experts, which helped it acquire incredible writing skills and write copies that convert.

They even claim that every line of their website copy was written by their own copywriting tool, Jasper.

You’ll get access to over 40 copywriting templates based on different use cases. There’s a template available for every situation, including marketing strategy, email marketing, Amazon product descriptions, blog content, etc.

The process is also straightforward and requires only three steps.

To start with, choose a skill and enter essential data about your brand or product. You can also provide instructions like “the number of words,” “use a professional tone,” etc. Finally, the AI tool Jasper will generate multiple outputs simultaneously.

The editor is also intuitive, where your instructions and inputs go hand-in-hand with the AI copywriter’s output.


One downside is that the cost increases exponentially with the number of words generated. And the plan that allows unlimited words is slightly expensive at $109/month.


  • The ability to translate the content to over 11 languages
  • Aligns the content with the tone of your brand
  • AI copywriters community
  • Live chat support
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Allows team collaboration and management
  • Integration with Surfer SEO (not included in the cost)


  • Slightly expensive
  • Lacks human element
  • It may return unoriginal content sometimes
  • Might make grammar missteps every now and then


Jasper (formerly has two paid plans:

  • Starter – $29 per month (20,000 words)
  • Pro – $109 per month (Unlimited words)

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